My why

My why is obvious, these two little people of mine. I wanted to be there for them and work around them. Did it pan out exactly how I thought it would, not quite. Like most people assume, I thought I’d have loads of time shooting on weekends and having most of the week off. How wrong I was! Running your own business as a mum is hard, just like any other path we choose is hard when you’re trying your best to run a house, a business, a family, be a wife, a mother, a good friend. But while I found how hard it is I also found what I’m good at. Being a photographer is just as much a part of who I am now and I simply can not imagine a life without it. I photograph all the things I value, the way the kids hold onto you, or look at you. The faces they pull, that weird thing they do with their fingers or the way they play with their hair. My why is your why. We’re going for the same goal, to immortalise your kids at that exact moment for you to hold onto forever when the memory fades.

Sophie x


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