Baby Casting with Little Lamb!

We have had such a fun morning. Jess from Little Lamb came to take casts of Max’s hands and feet! I know I’m not the only one, but by the time Maddie was 8 months we had casts, imprints, painted plates and all kinds of treasures dedicated to our little one’s oh so cute features. Our poor second child has had a handprint xmas card made and thats about it! So time to change that before those cute little feet start running off and its impossible to fit them in a butter tub to cast!

The process is fascinating. Totally safe for little ones and non toxic, the mould sets quickly and turns from a lovely shade of pink to white before you can wiggle their little hand or foot out. Jess has so much patience and went completely at our little one’s pace pausing for nappy changes or feeds. The whole process was painless! She even comes to your own home to do it.

We’re having Max’s casts painted in an antique gold and I can not wait to get them back! The whole process takes around 4 weeks from start to finish and I’m so pleased we could do this to keep forever.

You can find out more about getting your own baby casts by visiting

Little Lamb’s website

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